Inspection Services

In order to ensure that we are providing you the best service we can, we abide by the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. We keep up-to-date on our knowledge through continuing education and a network of other home inspectors. 

Buyers Home Inspection Services

Buyer’s Inspection

Purchasing a home is perhaps one of the largest investments of a lifetime. To ensure that you know the true quality of the property before you commit to buying it, hire a professional to inspect it. An inspection will bring to light any defects or needed repairs. Having this knowledge will not only inform you of the property’s condition, but may also give you more price negotiating leverage.

Pre Listing  Inspection Services

Pre-Listing / Seller’s Inspection

Before putting your home on the market, it is also beneficial to hire a professional inspector. Likewise you can find any areas of concern and have them fixed prior to listing, or you can adjust your price based on the findings. Furthermore, if your property has a clean bill of health, you may be able to increase the selling price. Either way, potential buyers will appreciate that you put the work in beforehand.

New Construction Phase  Inspection Services

New Construction Phase Inspections

This ensures that a home is being built properly every step of the way. The homeowner will be made aware of the state of construction of the new home, what has been satisfactorily completed and any issues that have arisen during construction. These issues can be repaired before moving onto the next phase of the building process.

*Our service includes Start to Finish: New Home Construction Monitoring.

New Construction  Inspection Services

New Construction

It is easy to think that with a newly built home, there is nothing to worry about. However, we are all human, and we are all prone to error. New Construction Inspections will take a look at the finished home and check to see if all systems and components were built up to standard. It takes a close look at installations, foundation, grading, framing, and other aspects.

*Our service includes Final Inspections for new construction.

Pre Listing Inspection Services


The focus of the pre-drywall inspection is primarily on the structural framing methods and materials. Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC components that are present during the inspection will also be evaluated.

Loan Draw Inspection Services

Loan Draw Inspection

This verifies the advancement of a construction project for lenders. This inspection report helps confirm that the contractor completed their work before the bank disperses funds or draws. The inspector will detail the amount of work completed, the percentage of necessary materials, and evidence of their observations.

11 Month Warranty Inspection Services

11 Month / Builder’s Warranty

With newly constructed homes, your contractor may provide you with an 11 Month/Builder’s Warranty. When you move into your new home and live in it over the next year, you may discover issues relating to construction, defective materials, and improper installations. This is intended to protect you from paying for these issues within the first year.

DJI Drone home inspection services

Additional Services Offered

  • Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Evaluations
  • Out Building
  • Pool Houses

Tools and Technology

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Aerial Drone Photography
  • Moisture Meter

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