About the Inspector

Darrell Thomas

Florida Home Inspector’s License: HI – 13040

Drawing upon a lifetime immersed in home building, maintenance, remodeling, and inspection, Darrell brings a wealth of experience. From his early endeavors to his journey culminating in the role of a home inspector, Darrell consistently delivered his utmost dedication. Along this path, he unearthed his genuine passion. At the core of his commitment as a home inspector lies compassion. Leveraging the knowledge and skills accumulated over the years, Darrell passionately assists his clients, making a difference through genuine care and expertise.

Home Inspector with Contractor experience

Early Days

In 1981, Darrell embarked on his journey in commercial construction, contributing his skills to various contractors and absorbing a wealth of knowledge from each experience. Despite obtaining his real estate license, he swiftly recognized that his true passion lay in building construction. This realization prompted him to obtain his General Contractor’s license and and establish his own general construction company. Throughout this time, Darrell found fulfillment in undertaking diverse remodeling projects and flips, immersing himself in every facet of the home-building process. 

Taking His Skills to the Next Level

Armed with his enhanced expertise, he ventured into more innovative construction projects. This evolution paved the way for him to delve into intricate interior work, specializing as a custom trim carpenter, crafting cabinets, and even embarking on the construction of log homes. His skills extend to concrete work, pouring concrete for homes, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and beyond. Concurrently, Darrell garnered hands-on experience in all parts of home construction, including plumbing, electrical work, HVAC systems, framing, roofing, and drywall installation. This multifaceted skill set exemplifies why he is the right choice for your home inspection. 

Home Inspector with contractor experience
Home Inspector Contractor Experience

Moving Up in the Field


Equipped with a strong foundation of contracting skills, he then went on to work for the city. He worked as a Municipal City Building Inspector and department head, and was also in charge of the City Planning Commission and Code Enforcement. Being a Building Inspector, he obtained licensure from the state. He held a state certification for Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Residential Construction. Over the next several years, he continued his work for the city before starting his own Home Inspection company.

Motivated by Compassion

Darrell continued his journey by becoming a licensed home inspector in 2006. Darrell knows that having comprehensive knowledge is key to being a great home inspector. However, he also acknowledges that one must also have the right personality and the ability to convey findings in the appropriate way and tone to help people understand the true condition of a property. He provides his clients with the information they need to move forward with their next step to make the best choice for them and their families.

“I like the feeling of self-gratification I get when finishing an inspection and conveying it to the client. Whether it is good news or bad news… I have helped them with knowledge to make the decision that is best for them. That is why I enjoy being a home inspector: Helping people.”

In his spare time, Darrell loves helping family and friends. He likes building things that are creative and fun. He loves spending time with his family and grandchildren, and going to theme parks.

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